ACINDEC S.A. provides equipment and complete processing lines for various types of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, under sanitary conditions. Among the first we have: juice, bottled water, soft drinks, tea, etc. Among the latter: beer, wine, liquor, spirits, alcoholic beverages in general.

The equipment is designed and built for maximum performance of raw materials, and the conservation of the features of the final product.

In addition to experience and knowledge of the technicians of the company, ACINDEC S.A. has the technological support of  ALFA LAVAL, world leader in developing systems for efficient and safe production of beverages.


For this industry we design and build the following equipment:

• Valves, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, tank equipment, Instrumentation
• Storage tanks and vessels
• Processing tanks
• In-line Blending
• In-line dilution sugar systems
• Batch carbonation systems
• Jacketed Tanks
• Fermenters
• Mixers and powder mixers
• Pasteurizers
• Cooling and heating systems
• Washer drawers
• Transport systems, belt conveyors

• Pneumatic conveying systems

• Industrial Weighing scales and systems

• Pick and place automatic systems

• Automatic Packaging and palletizing solutions

• CIP systems


Additionally we provide technology services to optimize industrial processes through our division of PROCESS & AUTOMATION

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